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Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in publishing your story with us, please be aware that we do not accept manuscripts that include sexual content, nudity, vulgarity,  or that glorify that which is obscene or gory.*  If you have a fantasy manuscript that you believe would fit with our books, and would like us to consider it, please send the following:

      1. A chapter-by-chapter breakdown of your story so that we can see the major plot points. Please try  

           to keep it to just a few sentences of summary per chapter.
      2. A one or two page synopsis with total word count and intended audience. i.e. Young Adult, Women's

           Fantasy, Middle Grade, General Adult etc.,  
      3. The first page of your manuscript.
      4. Choose one chapter from your manuscript that you feel best exemplifies your writing style,

            something that displays your unique talents as a writer.

Please send all of the above requested items to:
acquisitions (at) dragonscalebooks (dot) com
or mail it to:
212 E Crossroads Blvd. #119
Saratoga Springs UT 84045

*If you have any questions about material in your manuscript that might be considered objectionable to Dragon Scale Publishing, you may submit an email summarizing the material in question and we can offer further feedback.