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Young Adult Books

The Dragon's Champion Series

Sam Ferguson, The Dragon's Champion
Sam Ferguson, The Warlock Senator
Sam Ferguson, The Dragon's Test
Sam Ferguson, Erik and the Dragon
Sam Ferguson, The Immortal Mystic
Sam Ferguson, Return of the Dragon
Sam Ferguson, Return of the Dragon
Sam Ferguson, Return of the Dragon
Erik Lokton and his friends protect the Middle Kingdom and seek to keep the world of Terramyr safe for dragons, elves, dwarves, mankind and all the magical races of the world.

The Sorceress of Aspenwood

Kyra Dimwater and her dragon Leatherback each have forces in the Middle Kingdom working against them. Their friendship will help them to achieve what no one thought they could.

Kingdom of Denall

In a fantasy world where people are born with enhanced powers, a superhero may not look the way you expect!

Haymaker Adventures

Whether battling swamp trolls or sand elves, Jonathan Haymaker is a young man who will never give up if it means helping the people he cares about.

Wren and the Ravens

Five runaways get more than they bargained for when they get mixed up with an assassin working both sides of a war.

Chapter Books and Comics

Tharzule's Tome of Wishes

Collen is the worst magic user at magic school, but when her disastrous brand of magic summons a magical entity from Tharzule's Tome of Wishes, adventures ensue.

Wisp the Wayfinder

The three windwisps of Queen Moonbeam's court will learn about teamwork, making friends, and conquering Fear.

The Fur Trader

Garrin must protect his young client and the overprotective uncle who has hired the fur trader to lead them through the mountains, past the ancient ruins of the magical  Punjak and Kossin peoples.

The Dwarves of Roegudok Hall

The first episode in a comic book series about dwarf warriors, the dragon prince who lives with them, and the lizard companions who join their mountain kingdom!

Comedic Fantasy

Hapless Heroes

Jack is an author with an active imagination - more active than even he realized. When the stick figure wizard Jack has used as his inspiration since junior high comes to life, hilarity ensues, and Jack's writing life will never be the same.

Epic Fantasy Books

The Dragons of Kendualdern

Kendualdern is a world that is ruled by dragons! Experience the adventures through their eyes.

The Lost City of Alfarin

Olveric is the reluctant elven hero who becomes responsible for an ancient relic that will make it possible to uncover the mystery of his people's Lost City.

The Bohemain Magician

An Ifrit has followed Duke Guilhem IX home from the crusades. Whether he likes it or not, he will need help from the local hedge witch to locate the Bohemian Magician who can banish it

The Netherworld Gate

Follow Talon the Assassin on his quest to release the Sierri'Tai, a race of dark elves, from the Netherworld as he seeks to take on the demigod of battle himself.  Talon is the ultimate anti-hero.

Tenets of Exile

After a civilization was destroyed, the survivors were sent into exile and many of the powerful artifacts created by their clerics were scattered or lost. The last surviving books of power contain great power for the worthy initiate.

The Flight of the Krilo

The fate of an ancient secret is at stake as two groups battle to control a forgotten temple. There is sure to be sorrow, but perhaps redemption may also await.

Gryl the Enchanter

Ambitious, charming, and talented, Gryl finds that focus and hard work are another matter entirely. He finds himself in a little too deep with a demonic familiar and a commitment to a vengeful goddess.

Aikur's War

Betrayed and deceived, Aikur will storm the gates of hell to save the family that was taken from him.

The Protector of Esparia

The last of a royal line, Jessica is magically whisked away to Esparia where she must learn to control the powers left to her by her ancestors to protect her mother's world!


Being favored with the gift of power from the gods is a matter of legend until a new Flame and Wolf arise in the neighboring nation of Irre.

Blood Magic

Aleban wants nothing more than to find a way to earn a ticket out of the backwater village to which she has been exiled, and back to the academy to continue her sorcery training. Mal, an orc striken with a blood curse, may be that ticket.

Children's Books

The Beast of Blue Mountain

Coming October 1st! Jerak and Keldric are two young wizards in training who have a lesson to learn about the value of hard work, and the pitfalls that sometimes come when you look for a shortcut.

The Moondragon

Coming winter 2016! Jerak and Keldric are two young wizards in training who have a lesson to learn about the value of hard work, and the pitfalls that sometimes come when you look for a shortcut.
When the sun disappears, Aiden and his skyte Boba embark on a quest to bring light back to the world. A Tarthun myth from the World of Terramyr that explains how the moon came to be!
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